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The pictures show a new organ which, in conjunction with the London organ builder Vincent Coggin, was made for St Mary Magdalen RC church, Wandsworth, London. This instrument incorporates pipework from an earlier organ. It is situated on a west gallery in a case designed to complement other architectural features of the building.

New Organs

The interesting history of the organ at St Peter's Little Cheverell is recounted here.

A gallery of other examples of our general work, illustrated with sound files, is found by clicking here.

Finally, details on the large Bevington organ at All Saints' Westbury, are located here.


We believe in keeping existing musical instruments in a good state of repair. This is borne out by our policy towards tuning and maintenance. Eventually, a thorough clean and overhaul is necessary, and we do not skimp in the details which really matter. We are renowned for the care taken in setting up vital action parts to operate at their maximum efficiency, reducing wear and tear and providing a much more pleasant experience for the player. We take care to discuss all your needs in advance, which often includes the possibility of moving the organ to a more musically (and, usually, architecturally and liturgically) beneficial location within the church. We have done many such relocations in the last five years and those clients can attest that the absolutely minimal extra cost and disruption was worth it - for the staggering improvement in sound & congregational singing, as well as removing obstructions in chancel space.

Overhaul and Relocation

We believe in tuning an organ as infrequently as possible. When a visit is necessary - perhaps only once every 2 or 3 years - we make sure time is spent well. Particular attention is paid to action and coupler regulation; taking up slack in keyboards, and the fine regulation of reed pipes to ensure even tone throughout the range of the keyboard.

We believe an organ left alone and treated responsibly will not as a matter of course go out of tune or regulation unless something happens to it - provided, of course, it is in a good state of repair to begin with. When pipes are left undisturbed, their tuning tends to become more stable. We are always happy to advise on matters of heating, humidity, sheeting & protection in the event of building works, as well as any other concerns you may have to reduce the amount and frequency of future maintenance and repairs.

Tuning & Maintenance