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New soundboards for Swindon
The pictures above show a new soundboard we made for a church in Swindon as part of a scheme to rebuild the instrument using 'straight' ranks and also providing an independant Pedal department. The previous instrument was heavily extended. As you can see, the new soundboard (made entirely in our workshop) is of traditional 'slider' design. The key and stop action is direct electric, as there is a detached console.

Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate - new stops & ongoing restorations
The pictures above show a "before" and "after" of one of the reservoirs from the large Willis/Rushworth organ in Westminster Chapel, Buckingham Gate, London, once the "home" of the famous preacher Martyn Lloyd-Jones and where Stephen Cooke was once the organist. This organ in our care is used fairly infrequently, as an instrumental group provides most of the church's music. Fortunately the Chapel recognises the importance and quality of the instrument and where repairs are necessary they are happy to let these go ahead. Occasionally, improvements have taken place; a couple of years ago we removed some indifferent later additions from the Choir and provided a new 2' Harmonic Piccolo and 3 rank Mixture. You can hear a six-minute demonstration of the organ (Bbefore tuning, and with a "suffering" solo reservoir!) by clicking here.

Walker organ at Ogbourne St George, Wilts
These pictures show the Walker organ at Ogbourne St George which we moved within the church & overhauled in 1997. A bottom octave was added to the Tenor C swell, by adding a small tracker action chest at the rear of the swell box. This currently only applies to the 8' flute bass; two slides have been provided so the Principal can be completed at a later date.

An early Bevington - Tidworth, Wilts

You can see from the top row of photos the state this organ was in after successive rebuilds. A great deal of effort was put into the restoration of severely worn and damaged parts to leave in place a pleasant musical instrument, once again with a light and even musical touch and well regulated pipework.

Orchardleigh, Somerset

This charming small Hill organ really was badly ravaged by time and woodworm. It is still hand blown (as there is no electricity in the church). The pictures of the pedalboard before restoration compared with those after will give you a good indication of the amount of care and effort that went in to restoring this small organ and establishing it as a musical instrument worthy of the name, and capable of fulfilling its functions in this delightful country church.

Yet Another Bevington!

Another Bevington organ of similar age and design to Tidworth (but with a more typical Bevington case design) is to be found in the church at Wanstrow. Previously, there was no organ at all in the church; this is the "temporary" instrument that was erected at All Saints' Westbury while the main organ was out of use, and consequently very little work was needed before installation here.

An English Export...

While the English continue to import new organs, we have on several occasions taken old English organs abroad to find a new home. Here is a small Gray & Davison instrument we overhauled and re-erected in the gorgeous church of St. Sauveur, France, as the gift of Mr. David Oliver, former Diocesan Organ Advisor to the Salisbury diocese.